About Bryan

Bryan was born in Columbia, South Carolina, famous for its humid climate, college football and mustard style BBQ. It was in that muggy air that he found his life long passion for photography. After briefly studying in the mountains of North Carolina, Bryan moved to Savannah, Georgia to focus solely on Photography by attending the Savannah College of Art and Design. After graduating with honors and falling in love, Bryan and his now wife moved to New York City.  Bryan worked at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for 8 years. Starting as a studio assistant cleaning the photo studios at night, he quickly proved his worth and rose through the ranks to Senior Staff Photographer. During his time at Martha, Bryan not only learned the art of lighting, he also quickly became a master of all things cute. Bryan is now working for himself which has been a life long dream and he is still capturing cuteness in it's purest form. When not behind the camera you can find him in the Catskills, knee deep in the Willowemoc trying to fool trout or possibly trying to hold on to those southern roots by perfecting his mustard style BBQ sauce. 

Brooklyn + Catskills

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